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Who I am.

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

I was almost born into the name Myrtle Bernice. Thanks mom and dad for not letting that happen. I turned 30 this year and truly I’m happy to be over and out of my 20’s as they were the years where I often wonder how I didn’t die or end up in jail. I was involved a lot in performing arts in high school and I think that really started my love for the arts and photography. I can confidently say I have been shooting for ten years now. Weddings, proms, couples, babies, boudoir, it was all a lot of fun. However, the burden of bills and “being an adult with a big girl job” was always something I was more so pushed to do. My photography was really something that fell behind due to this. School was definitely never my thing. I was the girl who had her own apartment at 20 in the city, making more money that I ever had before, fully independent, and happily indulging in the college scene but with no actual college.

I got into an amazing company at a young age within the trucking business. Next year, I will have been working for the same company now for ten years. I found that job, and I found that stability, but I have lost that Emily. The last ten years have really given me the opportunity to grow into responsibility, pushed me outside my comfort area in completely awesome ways, and helped me see that this life….is really one that I just happened to be good at, not that one that I was passionate about. I have watched myself turn from the center of attention scene to someone searching for identity and purpose. If you have read our first blog then you know about the motorcycle wreck. That was most definitely the point where I was ready to stop doing the shit that I wasn’t happy doing.

My main goal in this life....is just to be happy. It's really that simple with me. After that wreck, a lot of the simple minded bullshit, the petty nonsense, the politics of corporate life, really changed how I started seeing my world and how I was living my life. I’m not doing it anymore. Life is truly too short to live someone else’s dream other than your own. That resonates so deep with me. Be the change you wish to see in the world has always been something I’ve always tried to live by. So, I am changing.

Next year Deeds and I will be rolling out full time to chase a life of travel photography/videography and start living life on our own terms. This is finally the chance to give it my all, see what I can do for MYSELF, see what I can do for US. You never know who is out there waiting to be a part of your story. You never know what you can do for someone, or what someone can do for you. I believe in fate and putting out the energy you want to receive.

I have no children, just a Bruno dog that’s been with me for about 13 years now. Never feeling like I was in a stable or complete environment that’s just not been a path I’ve never really explored as it doesn’t really seem like a priority. PLUS Deeds has three of the most amazing kids that I love and learn from daily so that’s all I need that this point. Bruno is 15 in 2019 and has truly been the ultimate trooper, he survived my 20’s with me and now that he is in his old age, he tugs on my heart strings daily!!

These bios are stressful so that’s all I got!! If you would like to know anything specific please reach out. Otherwise, read some of our other things here on our site or Instagram and feel our vibe. Promoting good vibes and support. As the great Bob Dylan said it right, ”Be groovy or leave man.” -Emily