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Who am I?

Most of you have figured out that my given name is not Deeds, yet I seldom go by anything else. My real name is Justin and a very select group of people still refer to me as such. So if you ever find yourself in my company and care to gain my attention stick with Deeds...

I won't bore you with the mundane ins and outs of my childhood just that I am a native of Charlotte, North Carolina circa 82'. Although I have moved away many times before the Carolinas will always be what I call home.

I am a father to three amazing girls, all August birthdays all two years apart. All hold my heart in their hands and are my true inspiration and accountability to living a life of meaning and purpose. I have more than just a responsibility to their physical well being but I also play caretaker to their hopes and dreams and what better way to inspire than by example. They are my greatest gifts to this life and my greatest inspirations in the same.

Professionally my life has been a fun yet pains taking road. Before Photography I worked as a fabricator, mostly for motorcycles or industrial maintenance equipment. All of which I went to school to study after I finished my obligations to Uncle Sam and his United States Marine Corps. In all these fields I was constantly recording my experiences through photography. This is also where I discovered my love of travel and learning new cultures and perspectives on life. So the progression into full time life on the road and more time behind the camera should have seemed like an obvious choice, yet it eluded me for many years. Only after making some hard decisions about where I was headed in comparison to where I wanted to be did I decided change was necessary.

Going back to Photography.... It was an easy choice. It allowed me to look inward as much as I observed the world buzzing around me. I talked less, I listened more. I discovered a part of me I long thought I lost, the creator, the artist. It has given me a huge part of my life back and through my VA entitlements has allowed me to continue to pursue this art-form daily.

So fast forward to today.... We are gearing up to hit the road full time next year to give this business and dream everything we have. We do hope you hang around as this is just the beginning of what we will make a grand adventure, a life worth living. So until they send me below... this is me... Deeds.