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What's in the bag!

I know everyone has their preferred brands when it comes to their camera equipment just like a man from birth seems to be either a Chevy or Ford guy. Well I have, and will continue to use Canon products. Not for any anti Nikon bs just that I have always used Canon and it’s a comfortable brand for me. I would happily use any model or manufacturer for that matter, as with technology they all take stunning photos. It’s truly just a personal preference for me. I currently use a Canon 5D Mark IV, with a wide range of lenses to accompany it. It’s a true dream for me to have it, honest.

I will be writing more detailed post down the road about the specifics of said lens, equipment, and or accessories I use on a shoot or like to take along simply for creative value. I like most photographers have a constantly changing kit and still have a few additional lenses that I will be purchasing in the near future. I intend to give honest gear reviews and write post about them as I purchase them.

Going forward there will be additional blog post within the Photography category that will include some tips and tricks I have learned along the way. Once on the road the content will increase to Vlogs and in the field videos so you can join along in the adventure and hopefully get out there and take a few photos of your own.

Please feel free to comment or message us if you have any questions, I will always do my best to respond promptly and if I don’t know the answer well then, we will learn it together!!

As always thank you for reading along and y’all be good. - Deeds