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TaLula Talk

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

TaLula is a 1986 Toyota Travelmaster camper. She has dual wheels and a 22RE bulletproof motor under her hood. Last Fall of 2017, Deeds and I spent a good deal of our weekends running around the NC mountains in this little time capsule that pulls a strong 40 mph up hill both ways. We loved turning heads and sparking conversations at gas stations as we quickly found that the Toyota motor home family was something we were excited to be a part of when we drove her around.

A few days after Christmas I got a txt message from my great aunt asking if I would want the camper. I had to read that txt message about 8 times before I could understand that what I was reading was in fact real life. I was in disbelief. I just immediately called her and started to cry. I am the type of person whose ticket never gets pulled, whose number never gets called, whose name never gets drawn. It simply just doesn’t work like that for me. BUT this one most important time in my life…..it did. I had the camper given to me, just a few days after Chirstmas of 2017 by my saint of a great aunt, as well as my grandparents who had a good bit of money in it as well. I will forever be grateful for them because without them, this adventure, this opportunity….would not be possible.

When it came to choosing a name for this old lady I wanted a “T” name as it’s a Toyota Travelmaster it's only right to have a “T” first name too!! I grew up a Disney child through and through. Cool Runnings was one of those movies that I watched 9151381 times. To this day, I can still quote it word for word. So naturally the first “T” name that came to me was TaLula, due to my Cool Runnings background. So, TaLula is it.

We have been scheming our plans for her for about a year now. We waited for about a year for our plans to line up to be able to start planning our get away. In that time, we have taken her on multiple trips to the mountains and beach just how she is to really get a good feel for her before we totally renovate her. When we sit in her, we feel like totally different people, we are calm. We are intrigued and overflowing with ideas to make her our home. Our plan is to make the Toyota totally self-sustainable so off grid living is something we can handle a lot of. We do plan on doing a good bit of renovations to the camper like removing the shower/toilet and changing the layout a little bit. We will be doing a radiator upgrade as well as new windows all the way around. Totally up for discussion, tips or ANYTHING you want to throw our way. We need to know these things. Taking this rodeo one day at a time!