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One decision away!

First and foremost we wanna say thank you for taking the time to visit and for reading along. Some of you may already know this story so bear with us but we wanted to be sure that our first blog entry sets the foundation of thought for why we have made the recent transitions we have and to help in understanding our goals going forward.

So in our about us portion of the website we made mention of a soul shaking motorcycle accident that we were in back in Feb of 2017. Up until this moment we had simply been living the life dealt to us. We had some goals but we were far from living a life of purpose more one of an existence. Her in her steady almost 10 year role in her current job and I trying to find balance between my diminishing mental health and the demands of life pulling and pushing as it pleased.

On this particular night we had been out riding a little while and were about the head to a local restaurant to enjoy dinner before calling it a night and heading home. We were first in line to make a left hand turn on a green arrow and as the light changed we pulled out and proceeded as normal, but this wasn't to be just a normal night. As we came out of the turn a car with teenage driver and three passengers pulled out of an adjacent gas station to our right and directly into us. The force of the impact picked the bike up off the tires and slammed us on our right side, sliding us into oncoming traffic. I will never forget thinking "damn, I always said I would die on my bike, never figured it would be today", and I closed my eyes as the headlights of what appeared to be a pick up was heading straight for us. When the bike came to a stop I realized we were still alive and now the shock set in. Emily took a great deal of the impact upon her right leg and this just so happened to be the side we were sliding on too. She was rushed to the hospital from the scene to undergo surgery and x-rays to ensure she was okay. I being stubborn and concerned for her was never seen by a doc, not my proudest moment and I paid for it when I awoke in pain several days later.

Needless to say this was a horrifying experience for us both and really hit us hard in our hearts and souls too. It wasn't just that we were grateful to be still among the living but also what are we doing with this time, this gift, this uncertainty that we have. If we checked out tonight would our story be one of blah... or would it be irrefutable evidence of a life lived fully and without apology. This moment for us changed everything. This moment broke the bindings of our comfortable existence, it unleashed a purpose that has driven us every single second since. It has molded our future, our goals, our dreams and hopes. It showed us that we are One Decision from being able to change our entire lives.

This was the moment, this was that chance, this was our call to the wild... To howl at the moon, to chase the stars, to simply measure success by our journey over our bank accounts. So change we did and change we will. With each new smile behind each new story we will grow. We hope you decide to grow with us, as it is the genuine interactions in this life that are the vital ingredients to the dreams within us all.

From our hearts to yours, we hope you live the life of your dreams, for death is our only certainty.

Ya'll be Good