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Little yet Resounding Reminders

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

I have been spending some time with a close friend of mine and we have taken a couple of weekends to slide down to his parents and help around the farm as we can. One of those task just happened to be splitting up some logs for their wood stove so they can keep the house warm this winter. Being that I haven't had much time for exercise and I love them like my own parents I was eager to help and take a few pics along the way...

So I figure we went down two maybe three times before my buddy brought a box home from his parents for me to look at. They are country folk and don't believe in tossing something that might be useful to someone else. So I was eager to see "what's in the box"!!! (Bonus points if you caught that) After hustling through the daily demands I headed over to check out the mystery box, and finally put my mind at ease to what potential glory awaits me.. It didn't take me long to realize I was staring at some Camera fossils haha. A 1985 Minolta Maxxum 7000, a Pentax ZX-50 from the late 90's, and then a little gem I initially set aside to gaze upon the others a little longer. I remember film from my youth hiding in the butter tray of the refrigerator, but I have never owned an actual film camera. I even recall working in the dark rooms in my high school editing classes and one hour photo developing at all the local drug stores, but still never owned a film camera. So needless to say this was a treat and exciting for me to dig through. I took them all home and slowly but surely cleaned the lens, bodies, and replaced old batteries for new in hopes that they may live again. After some tlc I was able to get both the Maxxum and Pentax operating and taking pictures again. I was trying not to get excited dreaming they both might work but hey it was a win/win for sure. Now that I was content with the other more obvious cameras I turned my attention to the little foreign black box with a red sight window in it. As I pondered on how to even open it, a small hope was building in the back of my mind.... "is this some old camera" I found the latch and set it free, much to my surprise what seemed like a worn out ladies clutch was in fact a Goerz film camera from the mids 1920's. I was instantly sent in a child like euphoria wondering what memories and marvels this wonderful thing might have witnessed and recorded. It is the coolest camera I have ever held in my hands. The weathered leather cover pealing away from the metal body. The lens and view finder looked to have been made by a jeweler or watch maker. I was hooked I had to learn more about it and I spent the rest of the night in a rabbit hole learning as much as I could about this amazing camera.

Now the dilemma, I had become emotional invested in cameras that didn't belong to me, the only logical and reasonable thing for me to do was ask if they were for sale and how much it was gonna cost me to own them. Must have been just a couple days later I was invited back down to the farm to take some pictures of some wild mushrooms that were growing about the property, I knew this was my chance to ask. After spending some time gathering a few Lions Mane and some Red Chanterelles we headed into the house to show off our spoils. We weren't three feet in the door when his mother asked has anyone seen that box of cameras.... uh oh.... someone is in trouble...well here goes nothing. My friend explained that he had brought them to me and that I was interested in buying them.... and just as she was filling me in on the back story and was saying she had gotten them for free I hear his father say "you helped me with all that wood, way I figure you can have them..", the kid in me was running circles and cutting flips but I simply told them thank you and let me know when the wood pile gets low....

Every now and then life has an amazing way of reminding you when you're on or off the right path, this was one of those for me. I never went to them with an intention other than to help a friend and his family as they have helped me for some many years before. The cameras were just another little yet resounding reminder that there is a harmony to this life, a balance, a beautiful melody, and when we realize that harmony takes two or more sounds, and balance needs opposing forces, you acknowledge that we can't live this life alone. The greatest songs and stories involve multiple instruments and more than one character... I am always humbled by the times life sees fit to honor my efforts, it only inspires me to give more of myself and this simple lifestyle has brought me some of my fondest and proudest memories throughout my life. Help to be helped, Love to be loved, Give to be given to, and Share as if there is always an abundance. I'll be posting about the cameras more in the future sharing images taken through them and hopefully... hopefully I can restore the Goerz enough to take a few from it as well. Thank you all for reading along and I hope you stay tuned and stick with us. Y'all be good