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Life Ingredients!

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

To travel or not to travel has never been a question for me in my path through life. I don’t recall traveling much as a child but as a young adult when I decided to join The Marines, I didn’t realize I was about to scratch an itch that will never subside. I was fortunate enough to travel a good bit in the military and this is the beginning of a desire of a need and of a life that I will play out for the rest of my days.

If you don’t like new perspectives, stories, horizons, destinations then this read may not be for you. I on the other hand am addicted to learning, not so much on a collegian level but in the style of my ancestors. The art of story telling and sharing the beliefs of one’s heart and the victories of another’s trials. This is something I longed for in my life. I would read of a time passed that seemed to fit my soul more than any other fake or materialistic existence that bubbled and blossomed all around me. I found this nomadic desire to find new people and the thrill of discovery.

In the Military I had the joy of traveling to 13 different countries and was able to share in and experience many cultures. Although I didn’t know it at the time these moments would be large highlights in my journey, the ingredients in my story. Each destination filling my mind with the memories of their food, their way of life, and their history. I have learned to trust the stories of our hearts more than the history books lining our libraries. The victors write the history books and I know this to be true. Every story, every fact shaped and molded to fit the crowd of which it entertains. Constantly changing and evolving as the generations pass so far that we aren’t even sure we know the real story anymore. This is why travel is necessary for life. The only accountability man has to humanity is to learn of one another’s struggles and joys and to empathize them as our own. Perspectives are the true dividing factors on our planet, yet the control of information and the lack of travel has limited our abilities to see things from someone else’s stand point. So, we spiral constantly falling into a pit of segregation and separation, finding more and more reasons to ignore one another and live out our own selfish life with no regard to the smorgasbord of flavors and opportunities around us.

This is something I will not abide in and I refuse to live a life void of this perspective, void of this connection. So, I made a choice a long time ago that what I feel is the spice of life, and an ingredient to my happiness that I can’t substitute, is to simply travel. Whether this means 100 miles to 10,000 miles, or simply around the corner. I must travel, I must explore, I must learn. I long to meet new and interesting people, to visit interesting places, try new foods, and to smile as I listen to the stories of those who make these places their homes.

I know one day I will plant roots that I will want a place that is mine, a place to merge everything I have learned with everything that I love. My very own melting pot, but until then my eyes are fixated on that horizon and I will constantly be driven by what’s beyond it. I will take joy in the roads traveled and tremble with excitement over those that lay before me.

This life is full of freedoms, enough to live it exactly how you see fit. Never compromise your joy or allow yourself to relinquish your freedom of decision and choice due to fear. Choose life, choose love, choose your happiness and carve out your own adventure so when the time comes to share your stories with the world you have some that will resonate through out the ages.

Until that next bonfire, or camping trip with friends, stack up those stories, stack up those memories, and share them with all who will listen. Life’s better when we share in it together.

Till next time y’all be good