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Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Life will really surprise you....but only if you let it. That's probably been the theme of our last year. We have had an array of things fall into place as we have been on this journey and feel it's pretty important not to disregard the signs life throws at you to let you know you are heading in the right direction.

Before we were given TaLula...we were trying to decide which way we wanted to go as far as how we wanted to travel. Our first thought was that we wanted to do a van...(Since Deeds already has a 96 Vandura) But then we couldn't decide if maybe we wanted something to pull more like a trailer because then we could detach and explore our surroundings easily. We had been toying with these ideas for about a month including looking at endless hole Craigslist ads and then BOOM TaLula fell in our lap.

Well, now we had our chariot....so then we started thinking of bigger purchases we would have to put into this rig. We would need to think about a solar energy. This was a definite must because we had learned about boon-docking and free public lands. That's really where we would like to be a good a majority of our time, so solar only made sense. We found out a solar company out in Utah was doing a 2,000 follower giveaway on Instagram for around $1,500 worth of solar set up. Humless Power selected us for the winner. My jaws hit the damn floor. I'VE NEVER WON ANYTHING IN MY LIFE. I have no idea how that happened....but we took it as another sign. AND THEY SENT US AN EXTRA SUN PANEL. Literally blown away by their generosity.

The next thing we had to face was where were we going to do this renovation and where are we going to live while it was happening. We were currently living in the city. I have an aunt that just lives outside the city and owns a condo while also being a travel nurse so she is in and out every three months or so. I prepared a monologue of how to ask her if we could live there for a little bit while trying to build our dreams as this key element would allow me to save me rent funds as living in the city is not cheap. I typed it out at work and practiced reading it to myself and made sure I had said all the points I was trying to make. As that phone call started I didn't even read one sentence off that paper I just went straight from the heart. The phone call lasted about 20 minutes and I'll never forget feeling like I was walking on egg shells the entire time. Her response was...."Emily, whatever you need, I just want to see you happy." That was it. I was a melted ball of tears in my bathroom in my city apartment. I was in so much shock that this was finally happening. We were really doing this. Life was really showing me exactly where I was going.

Shortly after that Deeds got accepted into a vocational rehab program through the VA as he is a Marine Veteran. They are literally paying for him to go through school to get a Teleproductions degree. He went through all the hassle to get accepted into this program, enroll back in school, got a professional grade camera through this program, and has been pulling A's and B's like a total MVP. With this degree there are so many doors we don't even know exists yet.

We have been fighting for this. We are fully aware that this will not come easy. But how else do you explain all the rights about this? All the support we have had poured into our lives from our family and total strangers, and strangers that have turned into family. It's astounding. It's scary. But who says you can't.... except the ones who couldn't? -Emily

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