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Appealing to Whom?

I know it has been a while since we have made a blog post but, it’s not that we have become lazy, more that we have become busy with task we adore and are grateful for. Yet, this entry is passed due. Thank you for hanging in there with us and even more humbled by those who reached out after reading the previous entry through our multiple social media platform, you guys rock!!!!!

To the point, if you read the 7 year wait you have gotten a solid grasp on the task at hand, so I won’t be going back into the history or foundation of this post. Well the wait is over…. Kinda. So, I received a response from my appeal hearing. The options were that my appeal would be granted (all entitlements due), remanded (requires more evidence), or denied which would simply close the appeal.

While in the Appeal hearing it was extremely evident to the judge that I was simply denied without just cause and was empathetic to my concerns and testimony. He listened to why I couldn’t make the initial appointment and the lack of communication from the VA to me. I happened to be represented by a member of the American Legion and a fellow Veteran which calmed a lot of my concern. He helped me understand what was being asked and expected of me during the hearing. I did my best to keep my calm and to only act in moments that would strengthen my case. The hearing went on for the better part of an hour or so and once completed I thanked the members in attendance for taking time to listen. I was informed by the American Legion Representative that it would take a couple weeks for them to transcribe the hearing and return it to the Judge for his final verdict, taking about 6 weeks till a verdict would be rendered.

As you can imagine 6 weeks were grueling for me…. Yet they came and went like a flash… yielding no response… now what?

I began marking the calendar on my phone with the weeks 10…14…18. So forth and so on. I almost forgot why I had this numbering system in my calendar and contemplated turning it off as every weekly announcement just felt like another reminder that expectations seldomly meet reality when it comes to the speed and responsiveness of this organization.

I won’t keep you hanging over the coals any longer. So, I received my response at week 24, a far cry from the projected 6 weeks but whatever, tear it open let me see. I read the letter carefully and with focus and clarity ensuring I was understanding what was being said… REMANDED…. Okay that’s a good thing right, maybe, at this point I didn’t know, but that was better than Denied. I took a breath and finished reading the letter and the numerous trees worth or paper that accompanied it with super fine print a mouse would need glasses to read..

Remanded, okay now what? More hurry up and wait…? I knew this meant I had to go see the docs again, and do more test, and more x-rays, and more MRIs, and more nerve therapy… and round and round we go… In my due diligence I started to find out what this really meant and what I could expect from them going forward… Well I almost don’t want to tell you but I found out that this process could take anywhere from 16 to 29 months….. did you get that… 1 year and 4 months to 2 years and 5 months… additional to the 7 years I have already endured this fight…

I laughed, what else could I do…. Here I am at week 26 from my appeal still no additional correspondence and still no light in sight… just a word and a letter saying Stand by to Stand by… 10-4

So what does this mean for our travel well.. there’s no stopping this train but it may have to come back to this station from time to time for the Government Ordered check ups.. That’s life…

As always Thank you all for being a part of our life and for the constant positivity and love you send our way, this life’s an adventure and somedays you just have to Go and Flow.. Till next time..